• DiamandDiner 2 weeks ago

    happy thanksgiving (im in canada so its celebrated earlier but still)
    you should use your R3DxSCAPE pack again :^)

  • Marcos Micheal 2 weeks ago


  • I’m thankful for you Huahwi, but I’d be even more thankful if I knew what the ouTRO SONG WAS

  • Lemonade Liv 2 weeks ago

    I eat Ham for Thanksgiving

  • Evander Spann 2 weeks ago

    Should have used pumpkin pie

  • Woverine 306 2 weeks ago

    I play games

  • Pollo Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Feel bad for vegans.. how everyone talks about meat..

  • AustinReacts 2 weeks ago

    Who had a great thanksgiving

  • Eliminated 2 weeks ago

    Hope you had a great thanksgiving Huahwi xd

  • azka rafif akbar D 2 weeks ago

    ILY Huahwi!

  • Mr Coal 2 weeks ago


  • DruxeMC 2 weeks ago

    Sg ftw

  • Lemonade Liv 2 weeks ago

    Huahwi, your voice is so soothing

  • xFrags 2 weeks ago

    Whos the OG? Hakr

  • Funky Pepper 2 weeks ago

    Happy thanksgiving!!!
    Really nice to see SG on the channel!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Ahmed Matar 2 weeks ago


  • iRetardedPvP 2 weeks ago

    Quickest video ever. 😴

  • Balls 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only person who hates turkey? They’re so dry

  • GreekGamerYT 2 weeks ago

    Good Video 🙂

  • TheFifaBoy 2 weeks ago

    not 1

  • JosefinnMC 2 weeks ago

    Huahwi, i lov you 🙂

  • Richard Zhong 2 weeks ago

    no thanksgiving for Canadian

  • Pro Creeper 2 weeks ago

    Love the intro

  • Wqrst 2 weeks ago

    i am from eu we dont celebrate thanks giving 🙁

  • HexVex 2 weeks ago

    Happy Thanksgiving Huahwi! I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I hung out with family and ate a TON of turkey, pumpkin pie, and sweet potatoes. Thanks for making my day even better 🙂

  • CrazyDiamond9014 2 weeks ago

    There is a Thanksgiving lunch for us in school

  • DriveKnight -Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    My family went to medevil times in Dallas texas

  • LoVrO312 L 2 weeks ago

    that moment youre european and everyones talking about thanskgiving

  • iFlashEdge 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t watch the full video but BADLION SG doesn’t have CHICKEN Food at all. They removed it when they updated, or when the season switched.

  • TyberFx 2 weeks ago

    I bet Huahwi never reply this comment

  • EliteDragon20x 2 weeks ago

    amazing vid!!!!

  • Red Foxie 2 weeks ago

    Who know rhanksfiving;

  • xXPandaPlayzXx 2 weeks ago

    Huahwi: “I’m thankful for you guys dealing with my crap”
    Me: ROFL

  • FireAlfieHD 2 weeks ago

    Happy thanksgiving

  • ULTDan 2 weeks ago

    I like turtles so pin me

  • YungMa 2 weeks ago


  • GrassJelly_GJ 涼粉 2 weeks ago

    Huahwi’s voice is so satisfying

  • Murat İnanç 2 weeks ago

    i love you huahwi <3 <3

  • LeafTheLeopard 2 weeks ago

    Could have used the pumpkin pie smh

  • C*m yourself in bed, touch it baby, nice intro

  • PixelLazer 2 weeks ago


  • i ate too much pie 🙁

  • Quiffy 2 weeks ago


  • Darkenseer 2 weeks ago

    intro music pl0x

  • Marius Stefan 2 weeks ago

    Play yugioh duel links !!!!!

  • Aukjeej 2 weeks ago

    We don’t celebrate thanksgiving 🙁

  • IsolatedReaper 2 weeks ago

    HUHUWI You did good bro

  • Neriyahu 2 weeks ago



  • 20 aa 2 weeks ago

    6 iron ingot but no chicken

  • CreepyTony 2 weeks ago

    I went to school for Thanksgiving

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