• Margarita Hernández 1 week ago

    Jen your hiring is wrong

  • fear unknownwig 1 week ago

    11:29 flamingos lol Jen 2018

  • Dragonballman 855 1 week ago

    toe ception

  • Faiza Afnad 1 week ago

    বাংলাদেশের জন্য হাথুরুসিংহের শুভকামনা

  • Squad gurls 1 week ago

    jen scared me

  • Isaac Carpentier 1 week ago

    god dam you pat

  • Paradox Reflex 1 week ago

    Nice one with the intros again Pat and Jen

  • FlySnakerton 1 week ago

    hi pat plz keep doing this series I love it <3

  • momsagamer 1 week ago

    #pat needs to trim his toes

  • Angela Razon 1 week ago


  • sanara1013 1 week ago

    Play fortnite and g dash

  • Professor Villager 1 week ago

    Use the Mega lucky block next in the challenge games!

    And 10:59 the forehead scared the crud out of me (But still love your forehead Jen!)

  • Gaming w/ Leone 1 week ago

    Hi Pat

  • Zxyqo 1 week ago

    A random stranger passing by 😛

  • Boop ER 1 week ago

    React pls

  • Muhamad Albar 1 week ago

    what caindove that minecrf seasone give me in sherit

  • Narutoni 1 week ago

    You guys should add iron horse armour as a trade

  • Venu s 1 week ago

    Please reply

  • ItsDream Star 1 week ago

    pat I have a great plan if jen got the bomb that chase you
    if jen throw the bomb you just run to here to explode her

  • Taylor Tompkins 1 week ago

    I have an big big BIG test give me all of the luck

  • youtuber afiq ahsani 1 week ago

    can u make more of this?

  • Deanna Smith 1 week ago

    Hit me baby one more time Oops i did it again

  • ling lam 1 week ago

    Pat you was8 to7 it have a 50 50% chance of winning

  • Ryan Blount 1 week ago

    Y u no take beacon from well

  • naomi clifford 1 week ago

    I love you Pat and Jen

  • Aidan Heikkila 1 week ago

    top 10 popularMMOs kill

  • DEATH SMILER 1 week ago

    Y u no put on diamond boots

  • Zoe Fisher-Smith 1 week ago

    Pls can I have a shout out I love you guys and it was my b day Sunday 🐑💨🐋💨🐢💨🐫💨🐤💨🐘💨🐝💨🐜💨

  • Neon Bob 1 week ago

    The heat seeking bomb should be called Jen bomb because then she doesn’t have to aim at Pat lel
    PS:plz don’t be angry it’s a joke

  • Lily Jessee 1 week ago

    More plz reply

  • Marvulusz Crew 1 week ago

    4:24 dat neck tho

  • AztecGamer 1 week ago

    The intro was really cringy

  • Krystle St.Louis 1 week ago

    Do luky bloke races

  • Bridget St John 1 week ago

    Sup dudes

  • VIJAY SURAJNATH 1 week ago

    Watch the minecraft vid goodbye

  • VIJAY SURAJNATH 1 week ago

    Music vid

  • arvingamertv teamgamers 1 week ago

    pat got an dimond block

  • immakawaiipotato gaming 1 week ago

    Oh pat cheet

  • EpicPixels654 _ 1 week ago

    4:22 is it just me or dose Jen like the fence a little too much…..


  • Twinkle Honey Bloom 1 week ago

    14:06 OMG! You didn’t tell me Jen could fit into baby clothes! 😂

  • DeeJH 1215 1 week ago

    Did anyone notice the iron in pats hand looked like white wool?
    Oh I thought the iron was in his first bar section.😂

  • Superboy 123 1 week ago

    Pat I love your videos so much.

  • Brainfall 93231 1 week ago

    Pat and Jen you should
    play fortnite.Like if you

  • Margarita Hernández 1 week ago

    A tie

  • Gracey Wuest 1 week ago

    I love you pat and Jen…….and cloud keep up the good work your the best you tubers in the world!

  • Brianna Reimann 1 week ago


  • Brianna Reimann 1 week ago

    Bring back the crafting dead and epic proportions

  • Molly Baughman 1 week ago

    the thing that chases the player is technically a beater in quidditch from harry potter.

  • sleepingbagalishious 1 week ago

    I love ur vids

  • Katie Vandermeulen 1 week ago

    Hi late again

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