The Challenge Games begin and we must fight the Evil Flower!


  • PopularMMOs 1 week ago

    Happy early Valentines Day!! I think I came out with a great battle this holiday! Enjoy!

  • Faruk Mustafa Kuzlak 6 days ago


  • Keanu Leah 6 days ago

    fight sonic

  • DualEpic Dude 6 days ago

    You can make it like if you did SUPER BAD you get 2 Super Lucky Blocks And I subbed

  • Gabriel Angelo 6 days ago

    Jen is the most evil person in the world when she blew up the villager of Pat she didn’t say sorry Pat destroy the villager of Jen

  • Topher Penn 6 days ago

    Let it go

  • joy miranda 6 days ago

    LoL valentines day is in febuerary 13 but still #likeaboss ha jen eat a mandrake LOL jen

  • joy miranda 6 days ago

    Reaction on fan made vids flower power Lol tnt pomdoor

  • Amber Gillett 6 days ago

    Jen put the enderperls in the chest wat u give her

  • KVNG CLAN 6 days ago

    Can u do a halo challenge game plz

  • Nelsie Jacobo 6 days ago

    Today is valentines day in philippines

  • CatCrazy2 6 days ago

    Did the fight seem really quiet to anyone else?

  • Nicole G 6 days ago

    for me its valentines day

  • Chloe Shirk 6 days ago

    And the frozen song is let it go

  • Jenean Hoban 6 days ago

    Unspeakable gamer

  • MinnieBaby 6 days ago

    At 16:14 Pat say Gold idiots instead of ingots

  • Peter Fernandez 6 days ago

    “HIT THEM IN THE BALLS!!” – Pat 2018

  • Mareka Tallinski 6 days ago

    it’s not valentine’s day

  • Nicolas Chevrefils 6 days ago

    was that a mod ?

  • Khloe Paine 6 days ago


  • Khloe Paine 6 days ago



    Pat I have flu I was in the hospital

  • xTechFusion20x 6 days ago

    Who slammed their computer at this part? 19:30

  • lucas green 6 days ago

    Happy valentines 🙂 u are the best youtubers please dont quit youtube because i love ur channel please help look after kids at the place to i forgot the name of i im so sorry if u see homeless people help them please

  • Carina 23 6 days ago

    How about a challenge where you actually Don’t crossteam. Lol

  • Louise Glendon 6 days ago


  • MISTER PIG 6 days ago


  • Kieran Stockham 6 days ago

    Pat wouldn’t it be better to spend all your dimonds on blocks get more dimonds and so a continuous circle and then buy enchanted golden apples

  • Miranda Welden 6 days ago

    Y’all are so amazing

  • Blitz Productions 6 days ago

    Flowey the flower

  • robloxfan2005 6 days ago

    pat and jen arguing over the lucky potion was like a romantic movie

  • Fj cobra 6 days ago

    Wait pat couldn’t u build a Beacan

  • John Sutton 6 days ago

    play fortnite like if u agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Brash Sisters 6 days ago

    It’s valentines day

  • Fox Miner 6 days ago

    Omg happy Valentines day

  • _Max PlayZ_ 6 days ago

    I bought your guy’s book

  • Chanphen Drury 6 days ago

    It’s valintines day

  • Maegan 6 days ago


  • Amelie Rozowski 5 days ago

    I watched it on Valentine

  • MrFreakyFlint Mr Freaky Flintz 5 days ago

    Hmm Jen keeps destroy ing whatever ‘good items’ Pat gets

  • Elisha schoonover 5 days ago

    Her giving you the lucky potion was ADORABLE 😍

    You not accepting it because she earned it was even cuter! You guys are adorable… and the not using eh nevermind but its still cute!

  • Kelsey Bradley 5 days ago


  • Nickolas Cook 5 days ago

    i sub i hope u have a good day

  • Nickolas Cook 5 days ago

    u are the best youtuber!!!

  • Nickolas Cook 5 days ago

    keep makeing vids pleas

  • the cool pro vids 5 days ago

    Cyan dye
    Cya n dye
    Cya and die
    Mind = blown

  • Anthony Serna 5 days ago

    Pat and Jen plz have a pat or Jen Jr u guys aren’t getting younger try for a baba think of the views

  • Roselin 2016 5 days ago

    Pat why you not use iron to make blocks lucky

  • Chi3kAndPaints! 5 days ago

    Is kinda funny ur roblox videos got more views then this .challenge games is my fav series besides roblox lol

  • Perlie Datuin 5 days ago

    pat you must play roblox jailbreak play it its awesome

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