• Demek 4 weeks ago

    Ayo First bIg bOiyO

  • Mawzy 4 weeks ago

    Nice sexy pack ur using, it’s the only pack I record with lol

  • Crinq 4 weeks ago


  • KeciYT 4 weeks ago

    Nice Video!

  • Iso / Ander L. 4 weeks ago

    I assume this whole vid is about the whole Resolve / VivicDesigns thing

  • k x r o. 4 weeks ago

    mex why u upload so l a t e

  • Fatality 4 weeks ago

    Didn’t you buy Azeray’s channel a while back? Not when he was Azeray though I forget his old name.

  • Satimo 4 weeks ago

    Big Hurex no Big Azeray

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