Hope you guys enjoyed my first video!
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  • BizarreBradstar 3 months ago

    Green Cave.
    How about “Malmo”?, a combination of Mallard and Momo.. TheMallardMomo?, MomoTheMallard?, IDK never been good with this stuff 😂.

    I’m the first ever comment on this channel, I bet you love the idea of that 😉.

    Lovely video, really looking forward to what’s to come! 😁

  • Zyminic 3 months ago


  • thompster 03 3 months ago

    Now this is the motivated momo green cave

  • Zyminic 3 months ago

    Green cave! Love your videos already <3

  • MusicalSimmer 3 months ago

    usernames: Momoducky Momoduckling Momoducks

  • cxrllii 3 months ago

    I follow wherever 🐤🐤I haven’t played minecraft in a year yet I still watch. Name uh Momolea

  • Cpt Sprinkles1 3 months ago

    Green Cave and you should play CSGO agian. I really enjoyed your CSGO vids and awesome vid today 😁

  • Moonxo 3 months ago

    You said Momo 😀

  • Heyitslaura 3 months ago


  • Heyitslaura 3 months ago

    How about Heyitsmomo? 😂

  • I wasn’t really sure if you’d like MallardMomo haha but, I’m glad you did. If I do come up with any other names I’ll tweet you them! 🙂

  • Liloh 3 months ago


  • Flipsta 3 months ago

    I’m so excited for this channel! My suggestion for your new name is MomoQuack! <3

  • Stouphy 3 months ago

    Momooke :3 Brooke and Momo combined! wow im magical :O Green cave <3

  • Woo_ Sebby 3 months ago

    How about you change it to just Momo so it’s not categorized into playing and vlogs it can be both

  • Moonxo 3 months ago

    Green Cave! Choose the one that you like!
    1. Aprizity
    2. Minty
    2. Marlowe/Marlow
    Hint: Aprizity/Apricity has a meaning 😉

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