Thanks for watching! I looked into it some more, I’m pretty sure he


  • Pextic 1 week ago

    I got a notification let me watch this video (;

  • Pave 1 week ago

    almost 2k elo dude keep going!

  • Dosify 1 week ago

    Feel better man

  • Jesus Martini 1 week ago

    His hits are definitely weird, but ItsAustennn gets the same type of hits.
    edit: git better.

  • ScottageCheese 1 week ago

    Lot of people are getting sick so hope you feel better! Also there are a lot of people on badlion that are really good and get imsane hits so maybe he is just really really good… idk man. Depends what it looks like in the video of him fighting…

  • Hernandez 1 week ago

    Hey great video!

  • Crinkle 1 week ago

    bruh have you never heard the name nico before? why are you pronouncing it like that lol

    but anyways he doesn’t cheat

  • Vertici - Minecraft 1 week ago


  • CrazyTaco 1 week ago

    Forgot Bae of the day! 2 Next video!!!

    Also, nico doesn’t cheat! He’s highly reputable and overall a good player. Just gets nice hits

  • CurtCo 1 week ago

    how did nicopro get that, he’s wack xd

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