• Gabriela Hernandez 1 week ago

    Dat rage doh

  • Mevlut Kalkan 1 week ago

    “I blame the lagg” SAME JOEY

  • Alissa marie 1 week ago

    Its always laggy on hypixel for me too ;c

  • Gurjit Singh 1 week ago

    The first time in my class and my son is so happy 😁 I cannot first wow 😲 has been one ☝🏻 is it for a year of age to grow in years was in years

  • Lucy Ellis 1 week ago

    Was anyone just shouting at the screen “RUN JOEY”

    No just me

  • DAH FUC 1 week ago

    I for sure agree

  • Mercedes McClendon 1 week ago

    I loves this channel. Hope U Like 👍

  • Lorin 1 week ago

    In love

  • meowkitty 1 week ago

    joey its just a game

  • Kat Vlogs 1 week ago

    I love it when Joey gets triggered lol

  • X Lightning X 1 week ago

    Why dont you ever live stream?

  • FifiCraft 1 week ago

    Oh I just thaught the lag was my phone….

  • Nathan Bettis 1 week ago

    Joey why did you take your surprising boyfriend before valentines video

  • monbebe ikonic 1 week ago

    i cant explain how much i love your videos, like even on my most shitty days where i just literally wanna die YOU MAKE ME LAUGH

  • Thecookie Girl 1 week ago

    Why did u take down the vid u just posted

  • Newts Corgi 1 week ago

    Mean = 10 divide by 2 = 5 the. Multi fly by 4 = 20

  • Atlantamade Fortson 1 week ago

    Literally died when joey screamed😂😂

  • *Mistyxx Starzz* 1 week ago

    Cluckeia came back for this episode lol

  • Amelia B 1 week ago

    I haven’t stopped laughing in this video

  • Jacey M 1 week ago

    When joey was fighting that guy I was *dyeing* and when he was running away and the girl hit him at the last second I was *dyeing* now I’m *dead*

  • mariana resendez 1 week ago

    OMG joey is raging so hard

  • Willa Jesse 1 week ago

    Oh joey

  • λαʆιγαᦆ ᦆᧉʀʀᧉʀα 1 week ago

    “OH YOU MOTHER TRUCKER” 😂😂💕I Love when he gets angry I was laughing sooo hard!

  • Bryce Thompson 1 week ago

    I love him when I’m feeling down

  • Priscilla Gracia 1 week ago

    Can u pls play again Roblox???!!

  • Gracey Barkley 1 week ago

    I had my headphones in so I had to take them out bc of joey screaming😂

  • dangerouswoman.butera 1 week ago

    This was the funniest video ever I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling😂

  • EvanTube 1 week ago

    half the vid is just black

  • Jackie Rodriguez 1 week ago

    It’s hilarious when Joey gets triggered because we all know Joey HATES LOSING 😂

  • Kaitlyn S 1 week ago

    Joey I have to tell you whenever you get triggered so bad, I laugh so loud, my parents look at me and my screen and they think I’m crazy🤣🤣🤣

  • Harmony Walker-Mitchell 1 week ago

    Where the hell is joeys comment?

  • Jakob Ramos 1 week ago

    Lol when joey curses it’s the best

  • English KCRMN 1 week ago

    i was laughing so hard that joey died bec. of the player who replaced his spot

  • Kate Poremny 1 week ago

    “Im very lucky”
    *Jumps out into the open*

  • Yena Cassar 1 week ago

    I was going too dieee😂😂😂😂😂 i love you joey 💎💕

  • it's me mario 1 week ago

    Sorry for your nerves joey but i did like the video

  • PanicPride 101 1 week ago


  • Oakleygraceffa, just libbi and P man 1 week ago


  • Stephanie Orellana 1 week ago

    I love how Joey gets mad from playing minecraft and by some little 10 year old its so funny

  • Lady Irene 1 week ago

    I love it when joey rages

  • Jimmy Miller 6 days ago

    I agree 100% Jo

  • Danielle Deisma 6 days ago

    I love u joey so much your funny LOL

  • J's Incredible 6 days ago

    got me dyinggg😂😂
    I hope you play with Graser and H again!

  • Waheedah Alkhatib 6 days ago

    U hit him but u died coz u were near the explosion that y u died

  • Lemon Drizzle 6 days ago

    LMAO this is now my go-to vid whenever I’m mad

  • Kaitlyn O'Connor 6 days ago

    Cockey mac Cockey son!

  • Roisin Silker 6 days ago

    This made me wet myself 😂

  • Bella Lancaster 6 days ago

    Your vids are top notch

  • amanda l. 5 days ago

    yes joey bring the swearing back!!

  • Val thechicken 5 days ago


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